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Q & A
1. Why is a server-based networked program better for EMR than a PC-to-PC network?
Simply put, a server is "industrial strength", with greater reliability, faster speed, and enormous storage capacity for the needs of a busy or expanding medical practice.

2. What is a "thin client"?
This is a very compact (5" x 5" x 2") but powerful computer without a hard drive. It is networked with a server, and shares hard drive space with the server. Therefore, along with a keyboard and a flat-screen, it makes for a very compact and cost-efficient workstation. If your office currently uses an AS400 system for insurance and billing there are also thin clients which come with AS400 emulation software, so that your staff can use the same workstation to access both the EMR and the AS400 program.

3. What about printing any data contained in the EMR?
Any data contained in the EMR can be printed, faxed, or E-mailed -- any specified documents or the entire chart contents. This information may also be sent to the Patient Portal where your patients can securely access and download the information.

4. For chart progress notes some EMR's utilize point-and-click template systems to generate a note; why does Genesis Primary Care EMR use dictation-transcription into the EMR?
The co-designers of Genesis Primary Care EMR hold the viewpoint that a professional's note should reflect his synopsis of a patient encounter -- specific history, findings, impressions and treatment plan -- not template verbiage that soon looks like meaningless chatter. We also believe the dictation method most efficiently spends the professional's time.

5. If Genesis Primary Care EMR is accessed remotely over the Internet or the "hosted option" is chosen, how secure are the patients' records?
The system utilizes SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to provided secure encrypted access to the system. All communications between the end user and the server are encrypted. In addition, each hosted EMR system runs within it's own unique database and file system - ensuring that your data is not co-mingled.

6. How is Genesis Primary Care EMR used during a patient encounter?
The patient's EMR is called up in seconds by entering either his specific chart number or by typing in the first three letters of his last name and selecting from a drop-down list. The patient's Summary page appears first, so a quick review of ongoing problems, meds, allergies, past procedures, habits, etc. is seen. Any other chart information is immediately available by selecting the appropriate tab. We believe that excessive time messing with a computer screen in place of personal patient contact is counterproductive.

7. Can any office staff access the EMR?
Yes, with his or her own designated password. Ability to view and/or edit any part of the EMR can be allowed or restricted on an individual basis through the Administrative Function, which also provides "tracking" history for all users. This ensures HIPAA compliance and limits any improper viewing or entries.

8. How easily can Genesis Primary Car EMR be customized to suit an individual practice's needs?
Very easily. Due to the modular architecture of our EMR, Genesis Systems can make changes or additions to the standard program for a reasonable hourly charge; and we will provide cost estimates ahead of any work.
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