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Designed specifically for primary care professionals (Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Pediatrics, OB/Gyn) in small to medium sized practices (1 - 20 providers), Genesis Primary Care EMR creates an electronic medical record that resembles a well-organized paper chart. Its simplicity of appearance and function, however, complements a powerful and reliable server-operated database program with these advantages:
1. Daily use is so straightforward that there is practically no learning curve to begin using, even for computer-inexperienced individuals.
2. Entries into the EMR are by direct entry, dictation-transcription, or simple high-speed scanning. Voice recognition software can be added. Dictation macros can also be generated.
3. Unlike most other EMR's Genesis Primary Care EMR has the capacity to bulk scan and store all of your old paper records in an Archive File, readily accessible from each patient's new EMR. This scanning can be done in minutes via high-speed scanner by your own office staff, with easy and intuitive instructions. This step, of course, eliminates the requirement to store old paper charts for several years-- and puts all of your patients' previous data at your fingertips.
4. Genesis Primary Care EMR operates in your office as an intranet solution -- so it can be accessed on almost any desktop computer, notebook, tablet, or thin client via a server network. Or, with appropriate security measures, it can also be made available remotely over the internet to your home or anywhere.
5. Since Genesis Primary Care EMR operates on a server network it is extremely fast and reliable compared to PC based programs.
6. Back-up of all records stored in the EMR is programmed to occur daily, at night, automatically and quickly. The server also maintains redundancy in hard drive storage that minimizes any chance of ever losing electronic data.
7. Office staff quickly take to using and endorsing Genesis Primary Care EMR; searching for paper charts, filing and re-filing become forgotten exercises.
8. The "engine" running Genesis Primary Care EMR is the powerful and reliable Microsoft SQL Server database program.
9. The architecture of Genesis Primary Care EMR is designed in "modules" that can be customized or added to fit specific practice needs. Genesis Systems can develop program software for your practice.
10. Clients can choose to have their own computer network set up in their office or utilize a "hosted" network over the internet to computer banks located and maintained at Genesis Systems. The transmission of data to your office is both fast and secure.
11. The Genesis Primary Care EMR contains an e-Prescription utility that may be the easiest to use in the industry. Prescribers love its simplicity and integration with the patient's summary page. Quick linkage to drug information and formulary coverage is accessible.

Genesis Primary Care EMR is presently a "stand alone" system, not integrated with any billing system or scheduling system. It is not all things to all practices, but it may be just what you are looking for.
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